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happy and lucky goes hand in hand

January 24, 2011

Not that one has to be lucky at all times in order to be happy. But look at the smile of that guy, can you feel just a little of his joy? Most likely even rain instead of sunshine wouldn’t have lessened his hapjan 8 427piness at that moment. Furthermore I bet he was prepared for a sudden change of weather.

Well, this could have been you, if only you had taken a little initiative (I know it is just to easy to come up with 10.000 different excuses why you couldn’t be the one having fun…on the water…). Just remember, if you want it bad enough and are willing to work towards it, it will cross your path eventually.

So start dreaming & scheming, and don’t forget to act (summer is fast, come and then gone).

Will (my self adopted sailor guru) told my the unique part about sailing was, that not one sailing trip was like any other. Every time one went out, it was a complete new experience. He was right. Never once did it feel like a rerun, or “been there before”.

When I first went out with the “Puffin”, I did not fully realize what stubborn a man I was. Sailing taught me to be more flexible, able to change and act fast and to come to compromises. One can’t have it all, most of the time it’s one or the other.

If it was not for the desire to experience something new, we would all still be  living in caves.

There are all kinds of choices. The principals are the same. Get out on the water and let nature give you a ride with help of the wind and the tide.

Skipper Mike would like to be your guide.

All it takes is an idea, a dream and a bit of work or energy to jan 8 438turn it all into a reality.

Never to old to start something new

We are still working on the details, possibilities are endless.

Here is a rough outline of the project. Through the Internet create a network of people with sailing boats and adventure seeking travellers that would love to go sailing (if it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg). Introduce the various people to one and another and arrange a custom made tour or trip. Not as a business. but as an learning experience, some quality time for the benefit of all involved.

jan 8 423

“Not all who wander are lost.”                     JRR Tolkien

” I’m having a lot more fun, especially in the summer. Sailed all over the place since we last saw each other and feel a lot more confident. Fastest I went this year  with my crown 23 slope “Puffin” was 8 knots {15 km.} from Sidney to Fulford harbour and that’s when the starboard winch broke out of its socket. Thank God I reacted fast enough and solved the problem without hardly losing any speed at all & without losing the winch that was on its way flying overboard.”

Well, let’s start planning, write me an e-mail or leave a comment. Get motivated and do your homework. and

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