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March 9, 2011

"Sailing the Salish Sea"

Do  you want to learn how to sail, explore the Gulf Islands, see the Sunshine Coast or just go for a cruise ?calgan_23_photo

Should by any chance, reading some of this blog got you dreaming about sailing, fishing or just  just being on the water, you are more than welcome to follow your dream.

Maybe we could help you to turn your vacation into a real adventure ?

Get in touch with me:  here on this blog under comments or at and let me know what you have in mind.

Any interest to come and experience sailing with us, here off Vancouver Island, BC. Canada?

We are not talking yacht club here & the luxury associated with those. We are talking about the adventure, excitement and thrill that comes with sailing.

We are talking about some local sailors here, who are willing to share their seasonal pleasure and world and will accommodate you for a small enough fee or donation.

No regular tours,

you make your own plans and we try to accommodate you.

Just write to me

when  you would like to sail …

what you have in mind…

where you would like to go…

how long a trip… and…

“have you ever been to Sea, Billy?”

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