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March 16, 2011

“Not all who wander are lost.”                     JRR Tolkien  

This area, part of the traditional lands of the Coast Salish Cowichan people, is recognized for its warm temperate climate as well as the hospitality of the people who live here. The Cowichan is a visitor’s destination for its arts and culture, its marine and eco tourism, its culinary and wine events, its beautiful lakes and rolling mountains and picturesque towns.

so, where are we at:………………jpg&nbimages=1&clf=1

Separation Point, Cowichan Bay, BC, 3NM and we are back home. See the harbour in the distance?

Cowichan Bay / Vancouver Island / British Columbia / Canada                                   January 8th 2011

Cowichan Bay has a lot to offer:

jan 8 589


explore the Bay:


explore the village:

people from the Salish Sea,25
everything under one roof, have a look at the resort
museum/wooden boats
sea food available on several locations in village, or straight from the boat at fisherman’s wharf
happenings are plentiful


close to Duncan,BC:

Vancouver Island 625 

on Vancouver Island…

traveling to Victoria or Vancouver it’s a lot cheaper to use local transit and board the BCFerry as a walk-on passenger

winter colourswinter colours winter colours jan 8 598

Separation Point, Cowichan Bay, BC, 3NM and we are back home. See the harbour in the distance?


Never to old to start something new

If it was not for the desire to experience something new, we would all still be  living in caves.

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