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…what, where, when & how

March 21, 2011

What?…sailing, adventure & excitement…

…being on the water, close to nature & elements…being thrilled, excited & relaxed (all according to weather & wind conditions), …or just feel , experience and listen to the

Map picture

Salish Sea.

Where?…on the West coast of BC. to the South/East coast of Vancouver Island

…from Nanaimo, BC. to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia,…from Vancouver BC. to Crofton BC.,…around Saltspring, Gabriola, Pender, only to name a few if the islands…to Sidney BC…to Victoria,BC.; anywhere there is water…,…that’s our play-ground.

When? …all year, all seasons and any time it feels right…

…if the wind is blowing,…if it’s not too cold,…if rain or shine,…when the desire to go sailing is stronger than …? (comments needed).

How ?…Still a work in progress…

letter from my son Ian:

“I like the idea of customizing trips, and the possibility of convoys.

The donations idea is good too. It just seems right. I do, however, see some issues with it and would recommend stratifications:

1. Day cruises: these could consist of a bit of a run down and back in the bay. It could include some “hands on” sailing by the folks who want to give it a go. If you have enough gas in the tank to ensure safety and enough life jackets, I’m sure people would like this sort of adventure option. For this, you could lay down your hat and take whatever people felt was justified for the good time out on the water.

2. Custom trips: because there would need to be some planning of a time frame (at least for tides and the possibility of low wind) with some idea of pick up and drop off times, you would need to have enough supplies (food, but more importantly gas) to make things feasible for folks who can’t play all week long. Due to the nature of having to buy supplies, I think you should ask for the supplies to be paid for in advance. This would also make it work for other boats to join the convoy because they wouldn’t be out of pocket to join (and wouldn’t blame you if they didn’t get any donations). After supply bills are squared away, you could still use the donation system for services rendered. That way everyone can focus on the adventure at hand rather than the funding aspect.

Overall, I think doing your adventure plan this way as a Not For Profit organization would exempt you from certain rules other outfits that charge big bucks for this type of stuff might need to follow, but I would suggest you find out what those rules are and try to follow them because they’re probably good guidelines (pencil pushers regulate everything that moves, you know).

Another thing to keep in mind is the local tourism boating industry in Cow Bay. You want to coexist with them and not undercut them in what they are doing. Just have a peek and see what they are up to. You aren’t competing with them, but you might give them a motive to shut you down or chase you off if you are getting in their hair.

Anything else?

Booking system? First come first serve? Connect over the internet? Communicate via email? Have a chat over coffee first to ensure you aren’t inviting people on board that might go cuckoo or throw up all over themselves?

Perhaps the “tour” could have a discussion on philosophy and closeness to nature. I know I’ll never forget those killer whales.

I’m sure if you get your blog noticed in the right corner of the internet, you’ll have all kinds of cool people interested in going for cruises.


A very supportive letter, but then he is my son. So all you pessimists and critics, give it to me, my skin is well weathered and thick (I can take it, as long as it is not just pure abuse).

I’m collecting  ideas …do you want to contribute?

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