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if there is a hard way, I’ll find it

September 4, 2011

hurry up and wait…, got big plans of improvement and …time and tide waits for no man.

Turning simple tasks into a major and mind-boggling complication is my specialty. Everything seems to be overwhelming when it’s unknown. Once you’ve comprehended and done that what is new to you , it becomes so easy, you wonder why you made such a big deal of it. Your negativism telling yourself  you can’t do that or don’t know how to,  is not only an excuse,  but can become a major obstacle.

Will poor old “Puffin” ever forgive me all the abuse only a novice sailor can put on a boat?  The strain and stress I put on the hull, stays and sails done a lot of damage. My ignorance wasn’t bliss, but created all sorts of problems. All the cold facts I was not aware of….ignoring rather then investigating,… what did it get me but apathy, laziness, an unhealthy life and boat.

Well, from leaking like a sieve to keeping the bilge water below the floor boards (without hauling the boat out of the water) was no simple task, but was do-able and thanks to Will  (my friend and tutor) was done.

So, now we are temporary patched up and sailing again. Next will be replacing the worn out stays and get better sails. At the speed I’m going about things… when ever the boat will be seaworthy, I will be, too.

As long as we don’t come to a complete stand still…just remember,…time and tide waits for no man.Here is a condition you don't want to find yourself in when sailing. It happens only when you get into too shallow water and the tide catches you unaware

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