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Little to do with sailing,… a reminder…(a dream never dies, just the dreamer…)

November 10, 2011

Sam, the man made me aware of my past by sharing this link with me and I’ll like to put it out there for all :

When I’m reading all those comments and how it affected people who came across Sombrio Beach , the freedom it represented and how much was lost when they reformed the beach, it still makes me a little sad, … on the bright side of the road: 
Nature is enduring, people that are close to her are in general very hardy and freedom loving human beings (… and once this seed is strong enough it will grow, continue and flourish on some other shoreline).
Nowadays I’m sailing along the Gulf Islands and up and down the Straits, still searching. I find like-minded people wherever I go.

It was never about rejecting all progress, but to question a society that uses all means to destroy this Earth, desensitise the public from nature and their alternative life-styles they may adopt.

Peace, love and freedom (not just a nostalgic phrase out of the past) but a dream that will never die.

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