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link on bottom of page: write to your minister and help to create a better government
…..or at least:  read your
local weather & traffic report
If by motor…
…or by sail…
…there is always something to
do, to look at or to talk about.
Did you notice…
…the traffic today,…brutal,
…and they are hijacking our fish.
Mike was here…
and so was I …(only I didn’t get any fish).

On March 16, raise your voice with us. We are organizing a phone call blitz to let members of the CRD board know how we feel about development in the Juan de Fuca forestlands. There will be calling stations up from 11am-2pm at Mountain Equipment Co-op, UVIC, Camosun and Belmont High School. You can either join us in person, or call in from your own home. You can find all the details here on our website.

This issue affects the entire region – if not all of Vancouver Island. We need to make sure that the entire CRD board hears about our concerns!

On that note, we have been asking for an Open House meeting in Victoria but so far the CRD isn’t biting on that proposal. So we are hosting our own!

On March 22, we will be inviting Ender Ilkay and the CRD to an open house we are organizing! Join us from 7-9 at First Metropolitan United Church, 932 Balmoral Road.

Over the next couple months we will continue to build momentum in the campaign to save the Juan de Fuca Trail. We will continue to have conversations about the type of community we want to build for the future. We will continue to stand against urban sprawl, and stand up for sustainable communities and our provincal parks.

Tria Donaldson | Pacific Coast Campaigner
Wilderness Committee

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