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Log Book

A new category starting begin of April 2011:

30th of March:

left Cowichan Bay for Mudge Island;

checked out openings between Mudge, Erik and De Courcy Island (all to narrow & shallow to navigate); Ruxton Passage the only other way North next to Dodd Narrows: pleasant 8 hr. sail with storm jib ( the bigger jib still needs fixing);

anchored at 049 07, 4288 N / 123 46, 6216 W / Mudge Island

a day later…31st of March:

left to sail back South, then East trough Ruxton Passage and North up the Pylades Channel to Gabriola Island, then West though Gabriola Passage into Degnen Bay;

in an outgoing tide sailed the wrong way into Degnen Bay (left, where there is shallow water) and hit the bottom of the keel against rocks several times, but was able to push the Puffin (with the help of the motor) through without getting stuck;

4hr. sail,  hoping to meet up with Will, who got both his boats beached here in the bay;

got invited to the best oyster feast I ever had, slowly grilled (on an open campfire) With melted cheese & a little wine for flavour. mmhh, jummy, made a little piggy out of myself & sure ate my fill;

1st of April:

run into Will, on his scoter;

using his girlfriends & hence able to let me use his, we were able to cruise on a …….all over Gabriola Island, beautiful (love to explore by land & sea);

noticed an increased amount of bilge water (might have done some damage and cracked the seal between keel & boat); might have to change my mind about crossing the Straight of Georgia ( with to much wind might be to hard on the Puffin);

2nd of April:

lent Will a hand ;

will be starting for Sidney and staying in the Pylades Channel going South first before sailing to Vancouver;

3rd of April:

strong winds from the South having me tack all day without to much progress in distance, but a good day for fast sailing;

7hr.later I find myself sailing into Retreat Cove on Galiano Island;

next morning I’m to tiered & slow to continue, so decided to stay one tide (don’t get to close to the shoreline, drastic drop in height during low tide);

still getting a lot of water into the boat, but it’s been the first hard sail of a new season, it’s bound to leak some;

5th of April:

sailing against the wind on a south/easter tack way past Atkins Reef, then crossed the Trincomali Channel in order to check out Active Pass from close-up;

passing Prevost Island and aiming for Beaver Point, I realized it was getting to strong a weather (and way passed my bedtime) to continue;

so we went to the closest shoreline, being Dinner Point on Mayne Island;

there is a small cove right next to the point (and before the bay) surrounded by abashed rocks, but a perfect wind break and a small island breaks the swell of passing ferries & larger boats as well;

6th & 7th April:

spend the whole next day here, emptied the Puffin of all water, relaxed and watch the local wildlife (peaceful place, sea-lions lazing on sun backed rocks while the tide is going out, Siesta);

later I will push the rest of the way (and it will take me way into the night) past Coal Island to Sidney, B.C.

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