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One day ( hopefully in the near future) we will become aware of all the man-made imbalance we created on this planet.


…out of sight, out of mind ?

Hunt for container adrift in sea …

A Cornish lifeboat and a Royal Navy helicopter took part in a search for a cargo container seen adrift in the sea. Falmouth coastguards were alerted to the container after it was spotted eight miles (13km) from Lizard Point.  The Lizard lifeboat was asked by coastguards to locate it in case it became a potential hazard to shipping.  A navy helicopter training in the area also joined the search. The container was not located. Coastguards said they believed it sank. The lifeboat was launched at 1335 BST and was out for several hours, coastguards said. They added it was not known from which vessel the container was lost from or what it contained.

It is estimated that some 200 million shipping containers are used globally each year, and that at any one time, between five and six million containers are in transit.
Tyre tracks

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