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about this blogger

let me introduce myself

From Canada, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, a new blog from an old hippy. Contact:

Nature and Earth is my home. That way I never felt homeless once in my life, no matter where I was at.

Spend a lot of years on Sombrio Beach near Port Renfrew, BC, on the West coast of Vancouver Island.  Watch Paul Manley’s documentary “Sombrio Beach and there you can see the squatters shack I build & lived in for 10+ years.  Now I’m located at Cowichan Bay,BC  as a “live aboard”.

A bit of a freak one might say. But I feel more at home  under the stars with nature, then in a 3star hotel and air-conditioning any day. 2011_01_14_04_07_00_248

A good and short description of me should be as follows:

primitive;  feel a little left behind by civilization and it’s advances ( call me a left over hippy)
strong sense of values;  morals & humanity outweigh commerce & convenience ( call me naive)
still alive & kicking;  you only stop growing on the day you die ( who knows, maybe that’s  when we mature & bloom).

Never to old to start something new

Often the idea of looking foolish, ignorant and outright dumb to our peers prevents us of trying something new. It scares us to that extreme that we rather pretend to know all about it, but are not really interested, then admitting the truth, that we actually know little, would like to find out more but wont try (out of fear of what the neighbour might think or what we might look like).

If it was not for the desire to experience something new, we would all still be  living in caves.

I would have never gone sailing and definitely would have never started a blog (since my knowledge of computers is extremely limited).  All the mistakes I’ve done so far (or still doing on a daily base)calgan_23_photo will not prevent me to acquire new skills, but help to get experienced.

One of the biggest and most repeated mistakes I did by far: waiting for life to com e to me and lift me up, rather then me going to search out life.

All the opportunities missed and all that time wasted, being inactive instead of participating.

So, how do we start a blog that is:
interesting & informative, inviting & appealing ?

I can well imagine of how this blog might look like to a professional writer, but so what, it might improve yet.

Of course there is an agenda (not hidden, but right out here in the open).

This blog is not only being created to entertain & amuse the reader, but to install a genuine interest to come and experience sailing with us, here off Vancouver Island, BC. Canada.

We are not talking yacht club here & the luxury associated with those. We are talking about the adventure, excitement and thrill that comes with sailing.

We are talking about some local sailors here, who are willing to share their seasonal pleasure and world and will accommodate you for a small enough fee.

when, where, what ?
What?…sailing, adventure & excitement…

…being on the water, close to nature & elements…being thrilled, excited & relaxed (all according to weather & wind conditions), …or just feel , experience and listen to the

Map picture
Salish Sea.

Where?…on the West coast of BC. to the South/East coast of Vancouver Island

…from Nanaimo, BC. to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia,…from Vancouver BC. to Crofton BC.,…around Saltspring, Gabriola, Pender, only to name a few if the islands…to Sidney BC…to Victoria,BC.; anywhere there is water…,…that’s our play-ground.

When? …all year, all seasons and any time it feels right…

…if the wind is blowing,…if it’s not too cold,…if rain or shine,…when the desire to go sailing is stronger than …? (comments needed.)

Way back, on  my very first  trip ever, Will (my self adopted sailor guru) told my the unique part about sailing was, that not one sailing trip was like any other. Every time one went out, it was a complete new experience. He was right. Never once did it feel like a rerun, or "been there before".

to August 25 167 sky moon mountains ocean to August 25 076 to August 27 144

I like to share some of this precious time I found  out there on the water…

…and I’m not the only one.

…we also except a good time as payment…

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